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Why is oak furniture so popular?

Which tree has these qualities characteristic: mighty, strong, solid, durable, persistent, symbolic, durable? Most of us can easily answer this question. Of course, it's an oak tree. But why is it so good? Why does the tree have such an amazing reputation? Let's try to figure it out.

The role of wood as a building material in the history of human development is very important. We can safely say that the tree at one time was the real locomotive of progress. It helped not only to survive, but also to create and implement. Historically, it was the oak that played this role well.

Since ancient times, the oak has been the object of attention for many peoples. The oak symbolized wisdom, luck and longevity.

Due to its strength, oak was in great demand for the creation of various tools and weapons. The first plows were made of oak and were able to withstand heavy loads.

In the Middle Ages, the rapid development of navigation and trade relations began. Oak began to be used in shipbuilding. Thanks to its water-resistant qualities oak has gained great popularity in this industry.

Oak is also widely used in the furniture industry. We can judge about the use of oak by the preserved Gothic, Romanesque interiors. Oak as a material allowed us to preserve the heritage that our ancestors left us.

The habitat of oak is mainly rich and fertile soils. There are about 600 types of oak in the world, but in general, there are three main types of oak that are used in the craft: ordinary or common oak, red oak, white oak. The common oak is widespread in Western Europe and the European part of Russia.

Red and white oak are predominantly found in northern America. White oak is more common in the United States, while red oak is primarily found in Canada.

Oaks grow up to 18-30 meters and 120-180 cm in diameter. The trunk is straight and without knots reaches 15 meters in height.

Oak is considered to be a long-liver among trees. Some specimens are over 1000 years old.

By its properties, oak wood is hard, porous, but strong and resistant to decay. All this makes oak an excellent ornamental and building material. It is often used in the furniture industry. Oak furniture is durable, with proper care it can stand for many years.

Also, oak furniture can be easily renewed. Which makes it very popular nowadays.


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Furniteco furniture is made of solid wood (oak or beech) and finished with oil. Compared to other materials such as MDF, melamine, plastic, etc., natural wood does not emit toxic substances and retains its natural texture.

Oak wood is ideal for allergy sufferers, and some studies have shown that oak wood has significantly better hygiene properties than plastic and indicates an antibacterial effect due to the combination of the wood's hygroscopic properties and the effect of wood extracts.

Oak furniture is easily restored if there are scratches, stains, etc. Lacquered furniture requires special repairs that require a lot of time and money. It is very difficult to fix it at home.

Oak furniture is durable and lasts a long time. It is environmentally friendly. Each piece of oak furniture has a unique character due to the different textures of the wood. And please note that some texture and color details may differ from what you see on screen.

Our internet store offers different kinds of oak furniture which you can easily order on our website: beds, dressers, bedside and dinner tables, etc. 


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