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Eco Furniture – why and where to order?

The problems of environmental protection and ecological safety are urgent today more than ever. The trend has touched all spheres of modern life, including interior design and furniture production.

Eco-friendly furniture is a fashion trend that involves the creation of furniture items exclusively from materials that are safe for humans and the environment, and can also be recycled. The main commandment of manufacturers who liked this trend is not to harm nature. That is why rare wood is never used in the production of eco-furniture, and what is used has to be restored. Meaning that if manufacturers use wood, they have to plant trees.

Advantages of eco furniture

Among the many advantages of sustainable furniture, the following deserve special attention:

  • aesthetic appeal;
  • harmonious compatibility with various styles;
  • variety of textures and colors;
  • safety for humans and the environment in general.

The environmental friendliness of interior items depends on the materials of manufacture. In the process of their production, natural raw materials are used, in which there are no harmful impurities obtained by artificial means. Often used in creating eco-furniture:

  • wood – oak, beech, birch;
  • adhesive mixtures based on PVA;
  • textiles - cotton, flax and other crops that are not treated with pesticides.

By the way, the environmental friendliness of the materials used is the main requirement of the European quality standards, which the Furniteco.com is focused on. As a result, customers receive furniture of European quality at reasonable prices.

European furniture from Furniteco.com combines safety, reliability, comfort and coziness, regardless of the style in which it is made. Eco-furniture (beds, dressers, dinner tables, writing desks) is an excellent solution in the arrangement of educational institutions, offices, hotels, restaurants.


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