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Hit Furniteco Jimmy Writing Desk, Solid Beech Wood, 140x70x76 cm
Furniteco Kemi Writing Desk (Venge color), Oak Wood Table, 120x65x75 cm
Furniteco Kemi Writing Desk, Oak Wood Table, 120x65x75 cm
Hit Furniteco Korsa Desk 1400х750х780 (bleached oak)
Hit Furniteco Korsa Desk 1400х750х780 (oak, natural parquet oil)
Hit New Recommended Furniteco Lynx Writing Desk, Oak Wood Table, 140x65x75 cm
Furniteco Nord 4 Desk 1100х550х750 (bleached oak)
Furniteco Nord 4 Desk 1100х550х750 (oak, natural parquet oil)
Furniteco Nord Desk (bleached oak)
Furniteco Nord Desk (oak, natural parquet oil)
Furniteco Prinston 2 Desk 1050х550х910 (oak, parquet oil)
Hit New Recommended Furniteco Student Writing Desk, Beech Wood Table, 120x65x85 cm

How to buy a good writing desk?

A writing desk today is a very popular furniture not only for schools or Universities, but also for offices and working cabinets in private houses or apartments. It is very important to choose the comfortable and reliable writing table that will will meet your needs. 

Buying a writing desk is as a responsible task as buying a dinner table, for example. It should be convenient to work at the desk, thus the requirements are important here not only to the appearance of the furniture, but also to its ergonomics.

You will have to select the model which will attract your sight. Finding visually beautiful models of writing tables which will suite your interior design – here is the first step to start with. Choosing a writing desk keep in mind whether you will need different drawers or shelves on it. Not only the design has to be taken into account, but also the color of your future desk. 

It is recommended to pay special attention to the ergonomics and quality of table’s materials. Solid wood writing desks look stylish and they are very reliable. Natural wood will help to create a cozy atmosphere in your office or a cabinet, bring warmth of nature. 

Desks made of natural wood become more and more popular. The reason is clear - buyers want reliable, durable furniture that will serve them for years. In addition, natural wood looks very attractive, it does not have an unpleasant smell, does not crumble or break. That is why an oak writing desk is a profitable purchase today.

We recommend to buy natural wood - oak and beech writing desks - as they will serve you for many years. These desks can be with drawers and shelves or without them, depending on the model. They are stylish, reliable and suitable for most interiors.  

Height of a writing desk

It is important to choose the correct height of a writing desk. Usual height for non-ajustable tables is 75-78 cm. 

Writing desks at Furniteco

Furniteco provides high quality computer tables and writing desks made of natural wood (oak and beech). You can always order writing tables (with the delivery in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or to any other European country) on our website or in showroom: Priisle tee 18, Tallinn, Estonia. 

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