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Furniteco Korsa TV-Bench (bleached oak)
Furniteco Korsa TV-Bench (oak, natural parquet oil)
Furniteco Nord 2 TV-Bench (bleached oak)
Furniteco Nord 2 TV-Bench (oak, natural parquet oil)
Furniteco Nord TV-Bench 1500 (bleached oak)
Furniteco Nord TV-Bench 1500 (oak, natural parquet oil)
Furniteco Nord TV-Bench 1800 (bleached oak)
Furniteco Nord TV-Bench 1800 (oak, natural parquet oil)

How to choose a quality solid wood TV stand

TV stands are popular and practical pieces of furniture frequently used in living rooms and even offices. This furniture allows to place TV and provides storage for different technical accessories. 

Choosing a TV stand is not as easy task as it may seem to be. Many factors have to be taken into consideration. For example, the optimal height of a TV stand has to be comfortable to watch TV from your bed, sofa or an armchair. Usually, the bottom edge of the TV screen is close to eye level of a sitting person. Standard height of a Furniteco TV bench may vary from 47 to 54 cm. 

As it was mentioned above, TV bench provides space for storage of different things. Furniteco TV stands have several shelves and doors, hiding those shelves. Here you can keep movies equipment, game consoles and even snacks.  

You may notice that there are several types of TV benches, and their main difference is length. If you have the large living room with a lot of free space, the TV with a big screen, long TV stands are what you need – 160-180 cm. But if the TV is not very big and the room does not allow to place a long TV bench, we have another option – TV stands with length 120-150 cm.   

Universal Scandinavian style of Furniteco’s TV stands allows them to become a suitable part of any interior. They will bring Nordic simplicity and minimalism to your home, and at the same time will create a cozy atmosphere. 

Where to buy a solid wood TV stand in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania?

You can always buy oak or beech solid wood TV stands at Furniteco online store or in showroom: Priisle tee 18, Tallinn, Estonia (Mon-Fri 11.00-18.30 Sat, Sun - by arrangement). Also we will be glad to answer your questions via email (info@furniteco.com) or phone (+37 251 40 104).

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