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Natural wood furniture for you

Furniteco TM - is the brand of the Ukrainian solid wood furniture manufacturer - Lamella factory.  

It has an online store that offers high quality furniture made of natural oak and beech, with delivery in the UK and Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). We work only with eco materials, since the philosophy of our trademark is "Provide our clients with reliable eco furniture."

The company name consists of two elements: Furniteco = Furniture + Ecology. Sustainability is at the core of our philosophy - from the production stage to services fulfillment.

Solid wood furniture is still underestimated

We are confident that today, environmentally friendly, safe furniture made from natural materials is underestimated. Many people prefer to buy cheaper products made of chipboard, fiberboard, veneer, but after a short time these buyers find out that such furniture is easily damaged and needs to be completely replaced.

At the same time, natural wood furniture is very durable, safe and can be updated. A little surface grinding is enough for your furniture to regain its original appearance. And this simple operation can be performed for decades.

Natural elegance 

Being oiled and waxed the wooden surface becomes nicely semi-gloss and naturally soft-touch. Coating furniture with drying vegetable oils has spread throughout Europe since the mid-16th century. When we apply such oils, they are absorbed into the wood under the influence of atmospheric oxygen, oxidize and harden, forming an elastic transparent decorative and protective coating on the furniture surface. This results in high water-repellent properties and prevents moisture from penetrating into the wood fibers. The oil we use forms a protective coating, but at any time you can easily clean it off and reinforce it with a new layer of natural oil at home: for this we recommend to use linseed or cedar oil. You do not need many skills and special equipment to apply it as it is rubbed by hand.

We love what we do - you can feel it in every piece of our furniture. Innovation and a pioneering spirit are our core concepts. We know everything about our forests and wood: we process this material with great respect and skillfully combine innovative technologies with traditional handicrafts.

Our unique tables, chairs, benches, sideboards and cabinets will transform Your dining room into a place of a true delight. The components are up to you: numerous models of tables can be combined with a wide variety of chairs and benches. Mix and match!

We believe that all companies should be fully liable for their decision, that's why we are 100% responsible for ours. It is very important for us that our clients receive from us excellent furniture made of natural wood: at the same time, it is not only the final product that should be ideal, but also the entire production process preceding it. Therefore, we treat our partners, employees and nature, as it should be, honestly.

Energy Efficient And Eco Oriented Production

The enterprises ensure 100% use of wood. Lump waste from sawmills and woodworking workshops is crushed into chips to sizes suitable for pressing into fuel briquettes and for burning in boiler plants. Sawdust and grinding dust are used in parallel. Enterprises fully provide themselves with thermal energy for space heating and technological needs.

Eco Certification

All the products available on furniteco.com are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which ensures that wood products are legal and come from responsibly managed forests.

High quality furniture at the affordable price

Our customers can buy oak furniture at an affordable price. We work directly with woodworking factories and manufacturers of high quality wood furniture in the Scandinavian style, loft and others.