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Properties of beech as a material for furniture production

Manufacturers of solid beech furniture distinguish the following properties of this tree:

  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • high density index;
  • gaining flexibility and lightness after steaming;
  • sufficiently high hygroscopicity, which allows you to install untreated furnishings only indoors;
  • the average moisture content is 80%, and its maximum value is 120%;
  • a unique composition of wood, which contains a large number of natural healthy components: lingin - 24%, pentosans - 16.7%, hexosans - 5.6%.
  • beech wood does not have a visible core, and therefore the color of the furniture is uniform, without inclusions;

Beech perfectly absorbs moisture, and therefore solid wood furniture is rarely used in a bathroom or any other room with high humidity.

The properties of beech wood make it possible to produce high-quality products belonging to the middle price category. In appearance, beech furniture is the same as more expensive solid oak products.

The production of beech furniture is quite common due to the excellent physical qualities and aesthetic external data of the array.

Pros and cons of beech furniture

Beech is often compared to oak, and for those who want to save money on furniture without sacrificing quality, refer to solid beech as a worthy alternative. Beech furniture has both pros and cons, but let's start with the benefits of such furniture.

Pros of beech furniture

Solid beech combines high performance and the beauty of natural patterns which have brought beech to the top in wood furniture production.

The main advantages of wood include:

  • high density;
  • the ability to maintain its original appearance during production drying;
  • interesting natural pattern of the cut of the tree, which gives a unique color;
  • tendency to quick bleaching, which allows you to give the product any color;
  • preservation of the shade when the furniture is varnished;
  • good flexibility;
  • ease of cutting.

Despite the large number of positive qualities of the material, it is necessary to take into account the "cons" of wood.

Cons of beech

Compared to the advantages, beech furniture has not so many disadvantages. In addition, they can be easily overcome by careful selection of the manufacturer and proper care of the surface.

Manufacturers include the negative characteristics of beech:

  • poor tolerance to changes in humidity;
  • darkening of color during long-term use;
  • the appearance of cracks in case of improper care;
  • large weight of the product.

Knowing this will make the selection process easier. Correct furniture care will help to eliminate some "disadvantages".

Types of solid beech furniture

Most of the manufacturers produce classic beech wood furniture. Solid log products are more durable and have a luxurious appearance. Each group of furnishings has its own characteristics.

Solid beech beds

Solid beech beds from the manufacturer are environmentally friendly, since they are not chemically treated. Classic beech bedroom furniture has rectangular legs and straight headboards. By standard, the beds can be double or single. A sofa bed or a couch can be made to order.

The main decorative element of the bedroom with beech-colored furniture is the exterior. Natural shades and natural patterns create a special atmosphere and make the bedroom cozy.

Typical styles for the production of bedroom furniture from solid beech are classicism, modern, shabby chic, provence, minimalism. In color solutions, preference is given to furniture made of beech of a dark color or light - milky, light gray, bleached.

A solid beech bed is a way out for people with a large weight or height, because such headsets are distinguished by a higher degree of stress.

Solid beech cabinets

If you don't know which wood is best for furniture, choose beech. It is a versatile material that is successfully used for the production of beds, bedside tables, as well as wardrobes.

Solid beech cabinets can be presented in several versions:

Beech wardrobes for clothes. They are installed in small rooms, since no free space is required to open their sashes.

Wardrobes made of beech, swinging. The furniture is designed for living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. Glass doors and shelves. Such cabinets are used for storing porcelain and crystal dishes.

Beech wardrobes. Used for storing clothes, shoes, bed linen.

Beech bookcases. Installed in offices and living rooms. Furnishings are used to store books and documents. The doors of the cabinets can be made of wood or glass. Beech cabinets are considered durable and spacious furniture for storing a large number of things.

Solid beech cabinets for documents. Used in the office or home offices. The doors can be either glass or without filling. In such headsets, a sideboard and a rack are necessarily included for convenient storage.

Separately, it is also possible to distinguish such varieties from solid beech as a pencil case, wall cabinets, corner cabinets with drawers, etc.

If you are planning to decorate your interior with this beech furniture, we suggest you contact our factory for help. We develop each order personally with the client, and therefore our products are unique and inimitable.

Chests of drawers made of solid beech

Classic models of dressers fit into the interior of any room. They can store wardrobe items, documents and many other little things. There are models that have a stricter appearance. The corners of these chests of drawers are sharp. Products for the bedroom can have carved facades and smooth outlines.

You can buy all these models of beech chests of drawers by contacting Furniteco.com for help. We have our own production of furniture from popular types of solid wood: beech and oak. That is why we guarantee you favorable prices in the United Kingdom without extra charges.

Solid beech furniture for the living room

The living room is the "face" of the hostess, her character and lifestyle. This is the place where friends and acquaintances, relatives and friends gather, and therefore it is so important to create comfort and an atmosphere that would emphasize your positive qualities.

You should start with furniture. If you want to surprise your guests, impress them - choose beech furniture for the living room.

You can buy stylish beech furniture for the living room on our website. And before buying, we recommend that you view a photo of such furniture in the interior of the living room:

Solid beech office furniture

Office furniture made of beech for employees is not only the prestige of a company that can afford to install such furniture, but also the comfort of workers who are in the office up to 8-9 hours a day.

Among the assortment of office furniture, one can single out tables, chairs, shelves, filing cabinets, sideboards. The style of furniture must be selected, focusing on the interior of the room or the corporate style of the company. For example, if it is an Internet technology and website development organization, the classic style would not be appropriate. It is better to choose a combination of hi-tech and minimalism.

You can order the production of office furniture from solid beech on our website, having previously contacted the manager.

A palette of beech furniture shades

In nature, beech is found in several shades. These include:

  • light beige;
  • light yellow;
  • whitish gray;
  • cream;
  • light pink;
  • dark.

In production, the natural palette is replenished with other colors.

Before buying solid beech furniture from the manufacturer, you need to pay attention to:

  • Product processing. It must be coated with a water-based varnish.
  • Joints of parts. The edges are straight and symmetrical.
  • Coating. For high-quality furnishings, the top layer of varnish does not have cracks and air bubbles.
  • Fittings. The handles are tightly screwed to the cabinet doors. Drawers on runners open and close without making any unpleasant sounds. All mechanisms are functioning correctly. Smooth movement of doors and drawers.
  • The stability of the furniture.
  • The seller can provide certificates confirming the quality of the furniture.

If you approach the selection of beech furniture responsibly and take into account all the features of the choice of wood products, then the acquired furnishings will last for several decades.

To extend the life of beech furniture, it is necessary to properly care for the products. Basic rules of care:

  • Avoid getting moisture on the surface of the product. If the liquid ends up on the beech furniture, wipe the wooden piece of furniture dry.
  • Light dirt is removed with a dry cloth. Heavily soiled furniture product is cleaned using dishwashing detergent.
  • It is forbidden to use detergents containing solvents or alcohol to clean the surface of beech furniture.
  • To preserve the colour of the furniture, it is necessary to ensure that the sun does not fall on its surface. Otherwise, the shade will become darker.
  • In the room where the solid beech furniture is installed, there should be no temperature drops. This will cause the wood to crack.
  • When using additional heating devices, a bucket of water is placed in a room with beech products. This will help to avoid a sharp drop in the humidity level in the room.

By adhering to these rules of care, you can preserve the original appearance of the product for many years.


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