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Furniteco Nord Bedside Table (bleached oak)
Furniteco Nord Bedside Table (oak, natural parquet oil)
Furniteco Nord Corner Dressing Table 750х750х760 (bleached oak)
Furniteco Nord Corner Dressing Table 750х750х760 (oak, natural parquet oil)
Furniteco Nord Dressing Table (bleached oak)
Furniteco Nord Dressing Table (oak, natural parquet oil)
Furniteco Nord Shoe Storage Bench (bleached oak)
Furniteco Nord Shoe Storage Bench (oak, natural parquet oil)

How to buy a quality bedside table?

If you want to buy a quality bedside table or a nightstand for a bedroom, it is important to find a practical and long-life solution which will serve for many years. Nightstands are usually used to store things inside them, this is why they will most likely need drawers. At the same time it is a decorative piece of furniture and has to look good in your interior. 

What we recommend to look at while choosing a bedside table, is design. The nightstand’s dimensions and style have to look natural in the bedroom’s interior. In house you probably don’t have to think a lot about dimensions of bedside tables, however in apartments it is better to understand the exact size of a nightstand you would like to purchase. 

If we speak about the corellation between a bedside table and a bed – the nightstand can be slightly higher than a bed or the same height. If it is more convenient for you to have lower nightstands, it is also ok.  

The more space bedside tables have inside – the better. Here you can keep things which may be needed – books, magazines and even clothes. Of course, for clothes and more stuff you will probably need a chest of drawers, but if there is a few things to keep or a bedroom is not large, the bedside table will be just enough. 

Dressing tables

It is really convenient to have a dressing table in a bedroom together with nightstands. While bedside tables serve to keep necessary things in drawers and are used to keep lamps, mobile phones and books on them, the dressing table is created mostly for women’s beauty things (like creams, brushes, little mirrors, etc.) Also a dressing table may serve as a writing desk. 

What materials to choose for nightstands and dressing tables?

We recommend to buy nightstands and dressing tables made of solid wood. It is a natural material which will serve for many years without problems. It is stylish and suitable for any kind of interiors. Oak and beech bedside and dressing tables will bring atmosphere of comfort and warmth to your private house of apartment.  

Where to buy solid wood nightstands and dressing tables?

You can always purchase high quality solid wood dressing tables and bedside tables at Furniteco online store or in showroom: Priisle tee 18, Tallinn, ESTONIA (Mon-Fri 11.00-18.30 Sat, Sun - by arrangement).

Have questions? Call us: +37 251 40 104.

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