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What colours go well with oak furniture?

Oak has been used for many centuries to decorate and furnish homes. And this is natural, thanks to its unique properties:

  • the strength of the tree;
  • has a presentable appearance;
  • serves for many years.

The shade of oak bark depends on the climate, as well as on the area where it grows. In an arid region, if the soil is sandy, the shade of the bark is light, yellowish. If the climate is humid, in this case, the bark takes on a rich dark brown color.

Oak furniture has to be surrounded by matching colors interior elements. Oak is a stylish and unusual light shade. Furniture for various purposes is often made from such wood. The originality of the material lies in its rough drawing with unusual relief and shaded.

Furniture made of oak will look most impressive in rooms with windows facing north, or simply in dimly lit rooms. It seems that such wood itself emits a warm light. For example, oak beds and nightstands wil create an extraordinary coziness in the bedroom, visually increasing the space. It will most successfully fit into such interiors as Scandinavian, Provence, chalet, classic.

Oak shade works well with bright and matte surfaces. The most popular combination is with wenge color. Looks great with rich chocolate, gold, silver shades. Its tones are good next to pastel shades in the decor. In addition to the already mentioned tea rose color, the light shades of oak can be close to smoky, golden, vanilla and coffee shades.

For calm and cool shades of oak, choose different patterns, the best of which will be:

  • white;
  • gray;
  • lilac;
  • denim;
  • juicy green;
  • purple;
  • brown;
  • mustard.


Dark shades of oak

Oak can acquire a dark, rich shade as a result of several processes. The first is dependence on the place of growth. A shade close to cognac will be obtained from a tree that grows in the European part of the planet.

Thermal treatments can also create darker shades of oak, much faster than naturally. This method does not affect the quality of wood in any way.

Dark-colored furniture is best used to decorate the hallway and bedroom, it will look good in the bathroom if you can provide good lighting there.

Solid oak furniture looks fantastic in combination with light tone furniture and walls. Designers are advised to take a closer look at such a palette if you want to warm a room where there is little natural light.


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